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The prescription medication and medical device industries have a history of sometimes placing profit over patient safety. Many people suffer serious injuries and complications every year because of an unsafe drug or medical device. This can happen when pharmaceutical companies fail to conduct sufficient testing or provide appropriate warnings. It can also result from a failure in the manufacturing process. Whatever the reason, dangerous drugs or medical devices can lead to the illness, injury or wrongful death of innocent consumers.

Drug injury litigation is exceptionally complicated and involves a wide range of legal issues and clientele from states throughout the U.S.

The people responsible for making these products available to us should be held accountable for the often irreparable injuries these products cause.

Dangerous Drugs

There is a lot of money to be made for pharmaceutical companies that are the first to get a particular drug to market. Unfortunately, drug manufacturers sometimes cut corners to get their drugs on the market as quickly as possible. They may shortcut the testing phase or even lie about results. To appease their shareholders, they may rush through quality control resulting in tainted drugs. When pharmaceutical companies place profits above people, the consequences can be devastating. Heart problems, liver damage and neurological disorders – these are just a few of the consequences that can result from a pharmaceutical company’s carelessness.

Medical Devices

Companies that manufacture medical devices may be liable if their products cause harm to the people who use them. A medical device may be harmful because of a design flaw. Companies may not test devices properly and fail to discover defects or dangers. Sometimes, manufacturers know of a danger its device poses, but they push it into the market place anyway without warning consumers of the known dangers.

Occasionally, pharmaceutical companies will obtain approval for a medical device from the FDA for a particular use – and then market the device to doctors and hospitals for another non-approved use. Using a medical device for a purpose other than its intended (and approved) use can result in serious injuries.


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